Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Links, drama, boffing. -- things that should not be done to a mouse. -- Cat alignment table. -- Lt. Ehren Watada is putting his money where his mouth is. -- I have a new favorite geek anti-networking tool.

Evidently the number one question asked of Vincent (the azboffer guy) was "Will there be girls there?" I am now officially "girls". I'm plotting some amusing body armor. It will require clothes shopping, though -- I need a long-sleeved shirt in pale tan to pull this off properly.

Cue Fairbanks drama in ten, nine, eight... A high school buddy of mine seems to have had the fundamental misconception that Tay-Tay was on welfare, not unemployment. Given her propensity for dramatic gossip, I think I'm done talking to her.

I had an excellent time with the boffing. I'm going to be hanging out -- outside -- with chas_ and some serious frickin' glue today, after I get the bulk of my errands done. It's not an inside kind of glue.

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