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Azure Jane Lunatic



Mailed packages. Bled out the elbow. Did some desultory grocery shopping. Called Darkside. Spent somewhat over 45 minutes on the phone with Darkside, which involved tales of Boy Scout catapult fun. Went over to see chas_ and smmc (and the sprogs) and worked on the sword. Went to IKEA (AKA "the four-letter word"). Worked on the sword more.


Failed to take allergy meds before bed. Took hcolleen to work & realized that hey! It's still allergy season! Took allergy meds. Went back to bed. Woke up. Decided that yeah, the not taking allergy meds last night was a bad plan. Hung around, took shower, read books, read LJ, worked on answering comments. Called Darkside. Hung around more. Attempted to make a vodka martini with cheap vodka. Failed. Had the remainder of that would-be martini with Coke. Got v. tipsy, even drunk. Giggled with roommate rather a lot. Hung out in channel. Came up with cunning crackpot plans involving bathing suits.

Tomorrow is Monday. Fear. I still need to make sure I have lunch this week.

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