Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Yes, it's a motherswyving Monday.

10:48 AM 2/26/2007
*yawn* I've hacked through a lot of my morning paperwork so far. I'm waiting on the
office, now.

I got myself strawberries. My strawberries and I are working through the morning
happily. I like it when I have small fruit for a snack instead of crackers.

Now I have to go track down the stray Spanish interviewing time on the Dendarii
Brewing Company suite of surveys. Woohoo.

10:59 AM 2/26/2007 -- it's been around, but still funny.

11:23 AM 2/26/2007
Done with the first part of my paperwork. I suspect my hours are going to be later
than usual due to the office running around in panic & calling phone goons not on
the schedule to see if they can come in for extra hours.

12:01 PM 2/26/2007
Still waiting on the office. Waiting also on the shared spreadsheets being
available. Some fellow in the UK has the business-to-business spreadsheet open, so
it's not like I can wander into his office and ask him if I could use it, please.
(It's likely to be only a few minutes, anyway.) Meanwhile, I have documentation,
tea, and strawberries.

12:57 PM 2/26/2007
Snarky Lady MAD. Not at me, thank the gods. I'm doing my job. She's irked with
Obso1337 Manager because he failed to take any "bringing the new phone goons up to
speed" time off of $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB on Saturday. Sweetheart Supervisor was running
the job. My phrasing of the situation with her was "I'm not sure how much in the
communication loop she is or chooses to be."

2:00 PM 2/26/2007
I'm not sure what I'd do if Snarky Lady gets pissed and just quits. I suspect I'm
about to find out. The prospect scares me enough that I want to go running to hide
under Turbo's desk and cry, which would definitely surprise Turbo no end.
Fortunately, I have some sense of self-preservation. If I do wind up crying, I'll
pick a monitor room or find a nice cozy bathroom.

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