Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Afternoon: Insanity.

2:08 PM 2/26/2007
Allergy season continues. Despite meds, I wind up with a noseful of snot every now
and then. I commiserated with the blonder half, who has chronic allergies
(contributing to his habitual irritability).

2:31 PM 2/26/2007
On my 2nd cup of tea. Cleared up timesheet confusion with Traveling Manager. Two
errors of mine conspired to create confusion.

Bad things are going on in my left armpit. Two blocked pores =
bad news for the whole general area. I'm understandably cranky on the issue, because
on principle a painful swollen lump anywhere near the breast sends the whole panic
reaction going, even if there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for it, to wit,
the blocked pores. It's a really awkward place for them, too.

I need -- well, I was going to need to go pester Pink Shirt Guy to see if he
had the $REPORT for me yet, but just then he e-mailed it to me, yay.

4:03 PM 2/26/2007
Management is trying to get me set up with a job somewhere else, and keep me
part-time. ♥ She doesn't want to lose me, but knows I need professional
development and more money and a full-time job and benefits.

4:08 PM 2/26/2007
The coordinator of the local Linux Users Group linked to this: -- with commentary about what he keeps under his pillow,
and how he's no fan of ninjas. I knew which one it was from just that, of course.

Another fellow on the list had always thought that ninjas were associated with
gaming and linux, unless he was just clueless.

I had a snappy response all ready: "Clearly, those weren't really ninjas. They were

4:48 PM 2/26/2007
Plumbing problems happening in the computer room under the floorboards. Poor
dinosaur pen. Scary things in there. I greeted Turbo with "What the hell, Turbo?"
because that's what he greets me with when there's something unfortunate happening.

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