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Pent-up resentment

I resent the fact that it was my tutoring keeping the Little Fayoumis (for those coming in late, he's the son of my former roommate, my virtual nephew) even reasonably near grade level in school, and then Marx shoved me aside and then failed to perform. It's not that I have control issues, it's that I resent giving up control of something to someone who I know is going to fuck it up, and then they proceed to fuck it up. (Okay, maybe I do have control issues, but I think that one is a legitimate one.)

I would still like to hurt the person who broke one of my duct-tape swords while I was in college that first disastrous time. I was wandering around holding onto the thing, looking like a lost soul. This fucknut asked if he could see it. I, being the trusting person I was at the time, handed it over. The little shithead broke it over his knee. I should have beat him with the broken pieces and turned him over to the campus cops. I derive some semblance of comfort from the fact that karma exists, and he'll have fucked himself over multiple times by merely being such an asshat.

And, "dear" paranoid shithead who used to date a friend of mine, your claims that you could avoid your karma are really amusing. You're a pretentious little fuck and very full of your own importance and deep dark magical mystery, but getting kicked out of college for doing unauthorized things on their network was totally the work of a complete n00b. "Avoid karma" my ass; that was pure payback for being too dumb to not stick your dick in things that might bite it.

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