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Monday evening, and then Anime Night as well.

Monday evening was plasma. I suffered a painful stick; my arm's still feeling bruised today, and I've naught to show for it. That, and being up until ungodsly hours, contributed to my feeling of general malaise this morning when getting up, enough so that I was dragging and stalling and wound up at work late, in my ankle brace.

I have an understanding workplace, and since I do often do enough work for two people, or at least one and a half, the occasional lack of timeliness can at least be overlooked, if not excused.

K-Bone is to be trained as my backup on all things that I do on a regular basis, and Snarky Lady is to become better acquainted with my database. All shall be well! And I'm to evaluate how well K-Bone does with my stuff, and see if she has the potential to do it full-time, because that would be joy for all should things go well with the position that Management is eyeing that she thinks should have my name on it. (It's with a quasi-local school district, and her sister knows about it.) If I go elsewhere, I'll need a replacement. I need a backup anyway, in case of illness, absence, and/or vacation.

So that will be fun, or at least interesting. Additionally, I get to write a business e-mail (to be filtered through Pink Shirt Guy first) about what the business purpose of my creating that database was. I get to revive my rant about the Queen Bee's system of scary Excel spreadsheets, how glorious! I'm looking forward to writing that.

Anime Night was tonight. myrrhianna and hcolleen were both feeling the need of some quiet, and possibly even horizontal, time. So I went. English's buddy who thinks like me was working crazy hours and wasn't able to make it. We're going to have to figure out something about that, because he's clearly a lot of fun and needs to be there. Case in point: tonight wound up being a debate all over about a potential reality show that English is thinking about. He wanted to ask me about it, because he and his buddy were discussing it, and they're rather conservative; he thought it would fly for liberals as well, and wanted to bounce things off me. We spent a good hour getting more and more excited, because we both think it really could fly. I'd watch it, at least in passing, and that's saying a lot for a reality show. Since it would be done more documentary-style, but incorporate the relevant elements of the modern reality show, it could bring some attention onto the issue at hand (which I'm not identifying, because it's his idea and he thinks he wants to go somewhere with it) and make it personally relevant to the average American, rather than an abstract issue.

Tonight was Death Note. We watched 5-8, and it was great fun. We called it a night early. The doorbell is broken again. We started talking cooking-on-the-go, crockpot fun, batch jobs, Jamba Juice vs. applesauce, protein bars, surviving a nuclear blast, and all the other sort of cooking things that CTY-type grown-up kids talk about. Naomi Misora was a great hit with English; the investigative/stalking skills of female-types when their man is involved were discussed. I'll admit that I conform to the stereotype there. I'm very decent at remembering detail and researching it when the object of my affection is involved, to the point where I can appear psychic or psycho.

I had brought my cellphone headset because of not having a carpool, and called amberfox on the way home. Then Dad called, with some local news and family stuff, and we got onto the topic of his computer, and what he just did to it. (When you have a USB mouse and keyboard, and you're troubleshooting the other things that are plugged into the USB ports by disabling ports, you might want to not disable the ports that the keyboard and mouse are plugged into. Just sayin', Dad. I suggested a PS/2 keyboard/mouse, if the machine had those ports. (It did.) I'm to look up a book by the same guy who wrote The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, also.) I called Amber back and left an apology on her voicemail. I called Dawn. Dawn called back; she's been busy with some project involving singing and rehearsals. Tonight was the opening night; tomorrow's closing night. She'll call me on Thursday. She's been busy doing all these things and trying to have a life. Yay, life.

English is enthusiastic that Darkside might come to Anime Night. I mentioned that I might poke a few other people; I need to remember to do that. ailetoile, stevieg, et cetera, you guys care to come? Tuesday nights at 7, within 5 miles of ASU. I think.

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