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11:37 AM 3/2/2007
Waiting on hours from office. Today's morning paperwork went a lot faster. Yay, caffeine. (I remember how to spell "caffeine" with the mnemonic "caffeine is weird", because "weird" also violates "i before e". I remember "weird" with "wired weird", because those are anagrams of each other, and "weird" is the one with the weird spelling. My use of "wired weird" as a mnemonic dates to some random day in the lounge at CTY where pyrogenic was reading Wired magazine, and I was definitely feeling bisexual, which would put it at S2.)

12:26 PM 3/2/2007
Hours are out, so I can call K-Bone and commence the training once more. woo. Or something like that. But first, I'm low on tea. Need tea.

12:40 PM 3/2/2007
Yay tea.

2:20 PM 3/2/2007
Woah. Essentially an hour and a half of un-interrupted geeking.

2:47 PM 3/2/2007
Yay for geeking. Yay for lunch.

3:13 PM 3/2/2007
Pulling things and documenting it all as I do it. Yay documentation.

3:45 PM 3/2/2007
One of the newer supervisors has just run afoul of Neon Sweater Loudmouth Lady, as documented here:
[Stressy College Chick],

Tonight, [Neon Sweater Loudmouth Lady] was on an interview for exactly 2 hours 54 mins 15 secs. Yes, almost three hours on the same call. [This survey takes 45 minutes tops.] She then proceeded to hand in 4 pages of [] correction forms all for that one call with the exception of two entries. I don’t know if she has problems understanding the survey or if she just has problems... entering the correct answer.
In reading the 4 pages I noticed that a lot of the entries were for incorrect answer selection, perhaps she is entering the answers too quickly? Regardless, I don’t feel that [she] is suited to work on a project which may be too complex for her to understand.

[Braided Dude]

I admire his tact. Oh, do I admire his tact. ♥ Braided Dude.

Met with Management to touch base on the thing. Yay Management. Wound up telling sagas to the Guru. Yay, the Guru. I go boff now.

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