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Boffing and more!

Got out of work vaguely on time, but not quite. Should have had swords in car. Didn't. Went home to retrieve. myrrhianna couldn't make it this week, but next!!

Boffing was fun. I need to take more care to avoid the head in general. I try, but I'm too used to slicing at the throat. (With very blunt weapons, not actual blades.) I run pretty fast for someone with a bum ankle, Vincent said. Thing is, it's not actually a bum ankle under the brace. It's an ankle that will become bum if allowed to bend the way it wants to bend. The brace prohibits it from bending 90° with the foot to the inside and then letting me lean on it for a half-hour.

Went back to hang out with chas_ and smmc. Fun was had by all, especially the little monkeys. Putting toys away in the big box is far less painful with the "[sound effect] BOX!" game, where you wiggle the toy around in the air and make a sound effect before dumping it in the box.

The eldest little monkey decided to play doctor with me. No, really. I have a little squeeze flashlight on my keychain. He likes that flashlight. He indicated that I must open my mouth. He shone the flashlight inside. He made me turn my head, and he shone the light in first one ear, then the other. Then he went after shining the light in my eyes and up my nose. I recognized the clinical manner immediately. I found it hysterically funny.

In the search for that snark website reviewing interior decoration in porn, we came across Whee, pong innovations!

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