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Silly Saturday

Woke up, showered, read LJ. There are spambots infesting the emergency backup Y!group for the List, and even though I've gafiated from the List proper, I'm still in the outskirts, and I still keep in contact with my People. So when one of the main-listees inquired after me (how have I been), I thought it only proper to give a proper update, spanning seven years of potential insanity.

Good! Busy as anything, though. The Consumer Survey Phone Goon Job of Doom turned into an actual 9-5 Monday-Friday job with at least a passing acquaintance with my field. Still theoretically part-time, though my hours don't look like it. (There may or may not be Exciting Career Updates to follow.) The roommate situation has swapped around quite a bit since last I de-listed: went from a rambunctious two-bedroom apartment with Virtual Sister, Virtual Nephew, the cats, and an odd stream of other roommates, into a studio apartment alone, and then I picked up a stray (human) from the local ladies' writing group (which I sort of inherited when the former leader started school again).

I'm still courting my cantankerous college best friend (though I might have de-listed before he got official status as Best Friend) with all the serious intent of Miles courting Ekaterin, though without quite the same level of Cunning Plot, and with slightly more enlightenment about the situation on the part of the target of the courtship. (My high school best friend, the one who blew things up on a regular basis and otherwise acted like a malevolent cross of Tien and Ivan with the hyperactivity of Miles, is back in Fairbanks, divorced, sharing custody of his daughter with his ex-wife, and miraculously still alive. We get along much better when I can tell him where to put his latest crackpot idea and I don't have to hear his romantic woes or otherwise deal with the inevitable after-effects of the latest cunning plan gone wrong.)

My social life these days is rich and fulfilling, consisting primarily of: LiveJournal, LiveJournal Support volunteering (fascinating and fun crowd, reminiscent of the List at its best), LiveJournal Support local gatherings (I am now required to bring fudge), my writing group, co-ed offshoots of the writing group watching anime late into the night, and a (newly formed) gang of duct-tape sword-guys (also involving the co-ed offshoots of the writing group). November gets eaten up by National Novel-Writing Month, of course.

These days I get most of my Bujold fix at the LJ community, which is a little less high-volume.


the increasingly bizarre tales of my life

This e-mail contains a decent attempt at the following: correctly
placed capital letters, appropriate punctuation, vaguely accurate spelling,
and something like English grammar. Please return the courtesy and make
the same effort.

By the time I was off to bleed on things, it was already mid-afternoon. There was a bit of a wait, so I settled down with the book of the moment. I ran out of book midway through the bleeding process, and it wasn't a sufficiently good book that I wanted to start it all over again, so I wound up watching the last parts of The Fast and the Furious.

It says different things to me if the person who is offering hate-speech to someone is a protagonist or an antagonist. I don't have a problem with an antagonist in a piece of media I'm enjoying offering hate speech to a protagonist, or another antagonist, or even an innocent bystander. It's how it's handled that makes it livable or not. A protagonist offering hate speech to someone had really better be justified, or I would choose to cease my enjoyment of that piece of media.

People say these things, you know. It's not wanted, it's not nice, but it happens. It would be foolish to pretend that it didn't happen. Pretending that it doesn't happen would really send the wrong message. Maybe it doesn't happen in all circumstances, but making assorted pieces of media leave it out because it shouldn't happen would be wrong. That's a choice that the creators of the media should make, not censors. How it's dealt with is entirely different from the fact of a hateful attack. The protagonist can deal with it positively and gracefully, or desperately, or angrily, or by making the situation worse... all sorts of interesting things can happen. And the protagonist shouldn't have to deal with it positively, because that doesn't happen either all the time.

I can choose what I read, and what I write. But stuff does happen, and I would be foolish to insist that other people conform their characters to how I think their world should be.

After giving plasma, I refueled the car and called the blonder half. (Car first, then cellphone.) Blonder half is invaded by grandmother, this weekend and next weekend, so his social possibilities are limited: that is to say, no me coming over with Death Note. He inquired after the anime group. I burbled about the catapult idea, about the concept of training K-Bone, and other random little things. I shall have to inquire with English if English knows of any positions, preferably in the Tempe/Mesa end of things, that are wanting someone who has a degree in CIS and a few years' experience in a helldesk environment. There may be another member to the A+ study group gang.

And there was silence, the kind of silence and listening to each other breathe that glues my weeks together. I have all these moments when I wonder is it worth it, and then in this sort of moment when we're saying nothing and content in each other's presence, even just over the phone when our schedules have gone all to crap on us, then I get enough absolute certainty to carry me through untold years of doubt.

jai_dit will be coming for spring break, which will be fun. I have a patch of space all picked out for him, and we'll need to add his MAC address to the wireless permission list (stickytab with the r00t password is on the wireless router), and tomorrow is probably going to be devoted to insane cleaning on my part, because zomg next weekend, right?

Plans include a definite IKEA run and a possible renfair excursion. Monday and Friday are the days where hcolleen's schedule and mine negatively overlap, so we're both at work a good chunk of the day. But I've got weekends off, and she has Tuesday-Thursday off (that I know of, unless the schedule has changed AGAIN, allow me to slap her workplace with a slightly aged trout). Tuesday nights are historically Anime Night; Wednesday is the Lady Writers (with dinner to follow; my current cunning plan unless someone has something different is to distribute carpool to group, then hang out at place of dining awaiting the group; this is necessary because male-types and the Women's Center aren't such a good match), and goodness knows about the rest of the week.

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