Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Sneezing my head off is bad.

Dust gave me breakthrough allergies, where the usual allergy medicine that keeps you OK throughout the year just does not cut it. I took some scary pink stuff (one pill and a sip of the liquid), so I'm breathing a lot better and also dizzytired. I have laundry going downstairs, so I'm going to just collapse in bed for a bit until the timer gets me back up. Darkside is watching Leno with the family.

Laundry done. Nap gotten. Head much clearer in all ways. Discovery that upper right wisdom tooth is aching. Determination that it will be gone soon. Realization that since it is hurting now, by the time the dentist gets around to it, it may be another scary experience like the last tooth. Determination that all wisdom teeth should be banished from the head within the month.

Realization that call to dentist and appointment to arrange this should happen. Disgruntlement.

I still have to do the dishes and actually move the old boxen off the dining room table, but everything seems so much more happy now! Hooray! Evidently the space is better when the old monitor sits on the coffee table, not on the computer desk. You know, today would have been a great time to plug in that little ionizer-doohickey, the one that's supposed to get stuff out of the air. That, and run the humidifier. Between the two of those, dust might not have been such a scary-bad prospect.

Meanwhile, it's probably time to get some rudimentary grocery shopping done.

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