Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Allergies, yet again

The teapot on the stove is filled with saline. As one might have been able to guess, it was pulled into service as a neti pot. We'll see how this does to get me through the night. It generally does work wonders.

Went over and hung out with trystan_laryssa and dustraven. Trigun. Geeking. Plots for A Certain Workplace have resumed, after doing More Math. I plan to train K-Bone, but after that is done, I might wander off in another direction, though staying on part-time to do certain things might be fun. (Obso1337 Manager thinks that if I leave, the whole workplace is further on its way to destruction, no chance to survive make your time.)

Strawberries and anime good.

I hate it when I sneeze so hard that little points of *stabbity* erupt on my back. It's like someone is sticking a sharp pin into the nerves attached to each and every one of the little tiny hairs. This happened several times today. Not of the good. Not at all. But it's been a while and I haven't sneezed, so I might be OK. Dratted dust.
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