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I still do not feel good. -- fic I am reading. -- news. Summary to follow if I feel like it. Edit journal privacy, new friending limits (1k or 2k friends, sheesh!), essay contest for most of the US except Arizona (dang!), survey-whore-for-vgifts, and LJ's hiring. -- respecting fic readers through good formatting and editing. -- "Sometimes a crackpot on the Net / -- "

Attempting to see if I can breathe. This is the final, nasty stage of any given illness in me -- draining my energy in a slow but steady way, with thick crud in both nose and lungs. I'm overheating, too, but I'm not sure if that's the sick or just me vs. the weather. I think it may well be the weather, because this is March and therefore things will be heating up outside. Inside, too, because inside is linked to outside. Though I seem to be having chills as well, so it might just be me. Ugh. I feel very nasty, but I also know that my strength and energy are back up enough that I'm OK to work at least as far as the US standards for "OK to work" go. Unless I'm contagious. I probably am.

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