Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Too sick to remember to post it!

12:33 PM 3/7/2007
At work. Yay. The combination of decongestants, caffeine, and peppermint tea are making me functional, though there is still that nasty cough to consider. Obso1337 Manager told me that if Management heard that cough, I'd be sent straight home with no time to argue about it. (This is the nasty cough that I get whenever I get something in my lungs. I really should voice post it.)

12:38 PM 3/7/2007
Voice posted. It really does sound pretty bad.

12:56 PM 3/7/2007
Trying to get myself in order to do work. My brain is on illness as well as drugs to make me functional, which make me into a happy little robot. Yay, happy little robot, except work wants me as a functional human bean. Oh wellz. They get sick robot.

1:02 PM 3/7/2007
Either I'm severely hallucinating, or things are drifting in and out of my inbox. Given that I'm using Outlook Web Access, either is possible. I don't like either idea, because me hallucinating means that I probably shouldn't operate anything more powerful than a toaster, but Outlook flaking out means that I shouldn't rely on it to power anything more complex than a toaster, and I do believe that my routine day-to-day operations here are somewhat more complex than a toaster.

Do not diss the toaster.

(Typo patrol says that I really need to have about 200 mg less caffeine in my system, which would put me back down to 0. 0mg, wtf? )

1:07 PM 3/7/2007
There's a somewhat encouraging but disturbing trend in my spam: the titles look as if they're ripped from some scholarly blog/message board/editorial/article about stuff in the open source computing field. It's certainly pinning down my interests far more than "h4rdc0re b4b3s :) p3n3tr4t3d" does, but it's still SPAM. (Spam in the place where you live, now download; think about redirection, wonder why you haven't before. Spam in the place where you work, now delete, think about protection, wonder why you haven't before. If you are confused, view at the source, look at the headers to help you decide...)

1:24 PM 3/7/2007
Yay updating the hours for last month's reports. Whee! The fun never stops!

E-mail b0rked. So it's not just me. Eeeeeeeeee.

3:04 PM 3/7/2007

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