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Chocolate on things!!

It belatedly occurred to jai_dit that he was behind security, and should probably get going. So he came out to meet me, we found Vash in the parking garage, and headed in a general homeward direction. I am sure that SFO's roads are less confusing than PHX's. We stopped off at Sprouts to obtain crucial things like lunch meat, apples, and the all-important strawberries.

Much giggling followed. was key to some of it. There was punning. There was photographic proof to burr86 that we were all in fact in the same room -- like a spr0t sleepover! -- Oi! This was one of the sources of giggling. I told the tale of the organic dog biscuits at the workplace. "Came back for another one" certainly says good things about them...

Update on some work people: Leftover Leftovers Guy went on leave because he had another job that was eating his time. He was supposed to have returned, but I haven't seen hide nor hair of him. The bimbo that he may have gotten in trouble left the company a little while ago, accompanied by cheering from Snarky Lady and myself. I seem to recall that she was moving out of state, and was leaving due to the move.

My workplace is always crazy. You may have noticed.

Sunday plans involve IKEA. I am also up for local spr0t mini-gatherings, including driving to Mesa, so long as I have more than twenty minutes' warning, and enough gas.

Game plan for the week so far (focusing on what I'm to be there for; I'm sure hcolleen has her own devious plots for Tuesday-Thursday):

Sunday: IKEA.
Monday: ? (hColleen and I both work late that day)
Tuesday: Animé Night!
Wednesday: freshstartwrite night; I'm thinking jai_dit and I will chill elsewhere while group is going on, then join in the after-festivities as usual.
Thursday: ?
Friday: Boffer Group!
Saturday: the ASU gang should have reconvened; maybe dinner?
Sunday morning early: back to the airport.

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