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Lazy Sunday

jai_dit and I slept late and lazed about the apartment. Sandwiches were made. Giggling happened. Links were linked. I started writing up a review for a cat that I am very interested in. (For the non-spr0ties: Support volunteers, in order to advance, will link to support requests that they have submitted answers to, and senior volunteers will go over them and give feedback. All of this happens within categories, or "cats", so each admin is dealing with their area of strength. Like, "Why is my post formatted oddly?" is a different problem than "How do I make my journal turn bright pink and flash lime green text at people?")

hcolleen came home. We'd been waiting on her to do the IKEA trip; she pointed out that we could have just picked her up at work. We got on the road a little late, but spent a few delighted hours exploring the upstairs of IKEA. The big circular beds were just perfect for a slumber party, we decided, though it would have to be a slumber party without five-year-olds, because the five-year-olds would launch themselves onto the middle of the bed and disrupt all sleeping.

By the time we were mostly through dinner, it was a half-hour until closing. We sped through the downstairs in record time.

After IKEA, we went to Lee Lee's. We saw, but did not buy, avocado ice cream, along with many other unique flavors. I escaped the siren lure of Pocky, but did not find the red bean jelly I was looking for.

We got hcolleen home to bed, and then jai_dit and I headed off for grocery shopping. We got foods! He picked out fruitz! We were going to get ice cream, but then we plotted for FUDGE, and that required a trip to Trader Joe's for the chocolate, so we decided to hold off on that. But since I did not even look at the clock, by the time we got there they were closed. So we went back for chocolate ice cream, and coffee also. Yay coffee. Yay milkshake ingredients.

Then we got home and had pie and boozy milk floats, since shaking them would have involved the blender and waking up hcolleen, and that would not have been good. There was giggling. There was much giggling. I almost failed my not-sleep roll with a faceplant on JD while reading stuff over his shoulder. Instead, I wound up taking my shower. Now I will go to bed!

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