Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Okay, I am officially a lightweight.

I am randomly hitting on my best friend from camp six years from back on one beer. Less than one beer. And trying to cyber.

i'ts not working. i can't get it up.

and I'm female. hee hee!

ok. I'm weird. I'm officially strange. don't do tarot bags to mouth by bush. bad mojo unless you're into depression and suffering and abuse. bad thing. bad relationahip.

go to the corner, bad relationship!

not thinking i want sex tonight, not even online.

best friend needs loyal friends, even a pretend girlfriend who can contemplate being faithful. but actually david predates ... no, he doesn't.

i was still waiting for Earth when i started up with David. I started waiting for my best friend two months ago.

holding his hand again.

Alan thinks my best friend is a bit of a creep. don't think so here. no. not a creep. we're just immature.
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