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Azure Jane Lunatic

The day continues weird.

10:39 AM 3/14/2007
Am seriously considering making a little phone call, after consultation with the rest of the parties involved. I'd rather that involved factors such as the relative location of 21st birthdays *not* come up, but of the people who would be in trouble for that, ecchi-chan, Myrrh, and I would probably be the least so. And in any case, glomps are par for the course.

It's v. bad precedent to let something like this pass.

11:34 AM 3/14/2007
It makes a great story, though. There's something about that element of surprise that makes it a wonderful slapstick moment.

11:39 AM 3/14/2007
For the record, JD didn't realize that the guy was quite that ... um. During the course of the night, the topic did not *quite* come up, and I tried mouthing the word "HO-MO-PHO-BIC", but JD does not read lips well at all. I settled for whispering "straight and uptight about it," which I thought should have been sufficient for most practical purposes. It wasn't a "let's bother the straight boy" glomp, it was a "YAY YOU ARE MY FRIEND!" glomp, which gets given to guys and girls alike.

12:02 PM 3/14/2007
It's that element of complete lack of reality that makes this whole affair so surreal. Ecchi-chan, I think the third shoe just dropped. Strike that. The third shoe just dropped.

12:24 PM 3/14/2007
So before this whole thing unwound so strangely, there were plans to *gulp* de-virginize me. Science fiction double feature, anyone? ;) I was air-drawing a V on my forehead; I know enough about the production that I know that part. Oh, and JD got a fondue pot. Saturday night/Sunday morning. We shall be resting up Saturday, and getting everything packed, then going Out Saturday night for the show, coming back rather giddy and loud to pick up hcolleen for work, and dropping her and JD off at the airport.

JD would have previously packed his bags. Depending on the timing, he'd be able to get a shower before heading off to the airport.

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