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And the radio man says it is a beautiful night out there.

Wednesday: Came to work, belatedly, a little shocky. Told the Tale of WTF. For a sheltered little suburban girl, it's a bit of something.

Tuesday afternoon, 4:30pm: system crash. Wednesday morning: still not up. No numbers in from that night; the system upon which the surveys reside was messed up, vs. the system that does the dialing. Motherless sons of an unjust god. My trainee and I went through the thing anyway, doing what we could. She practiced some of her stuff; I think she'll be ready to do it in another week.

Got dragged into the office as I was running out of things to do, to help the Princess call and cancel shifts. They'd been calling earlier to say shifts were delayed; now they were calling to cancel. I got the Figment.

I had a few more things to do. I'd been mulling over the events of the night before all morning and all afternoon, listening to discussion wage on without me. Last night I said I'd defer any hard and fast decision until I spoke to Darkside.

I signed out at 4pm, went to an unoccupied phone in the unoccupied bullpen, and called Darkside. He listened to me and was on the side of rationality.

I think the whole workplace is in awe of the situations that I get into, because no one sane tends to get into situations like that.

There was a retirement party for the guy with the t-shirts, iPod, and shoulder bag, the guy who's riding the bus a lot. Alas!

Tomorrow is Turbo's last day with us.

I can't find my camera.

I spent not quite twenty minutes on the phone with Darkside. Then I went and retrieved myrrhianna; we wound up at the Willow House. Then hcolleen and jai_dit showed up there, as scheduled. JD and I hung out while writers group was in session, and then we all convened at iHop. (The group is women only, see, in a women-only building.) Dinner was rather hysterical, given that I actually verbally said, out loud, "Goat, green," at at least one point.

We did not initiate JD.

We came home and made fudge. I still have that damnable Justin Timberlake song stuck in my head. "My heart bleeded, girl." WTF. That's not even a word. This is despite a few hours of good music from JD.

Yay LJ fudge, mark II.

Rocky Horror planned for this weekend.

(I want Darkside to hold me, because while I can hold myself together, it really helps to have a little bit of help.) Here's hoping that interview went well.

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