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ailetoile and stevieg were down for the count, and so was legomymalfoy, so it was just the three of us for dinner and RHPS. I had some difficulty actually finding the right road (oops), so we were nearly out to Darkside's before I got us turned back around. If it had been any other event, I would have tossed the cellphone to the navigator and pinged the fellow for potential dragging-out-to-socialize, but this was RHPS.

Darkside is someone who does not do RHPS. I know this because I have an RHPS poster, and it is on my wall. Every time Darkside walks into a room that has this poster of mine in it, he says, "I could do without that," which sort of clues me in that RHPS would shock and offend him, and goodness knows that this sort of thing ("Fuck the disclaimer!") is not the sort of thing he needs to see. (I'd dearly love to be madly in love with a fellow complete freak, but the guy is a geekboy and a sweetheart and has earned my trust and utter adoration many times over, so I can't complain too hard.)

I found my headset and tried calling amberfox, for she and I do the "I am not near a computer so please Google this for me?" thing for each other, via Mr. Cellphone. Alas, she did not answer. I eventually did find where I was going, and called her back so she would not worry.

We wound up at Fazoli's. This was great except for the space-case who spaced my order. Woops. JD was eating breadsticks suggestively. There was lots of fun.

We located the theatre with the Rocky. There were all sorts of people about. I felt very over-dressed. Perhaps next time I'll wind up wearing the Disco Ball Dress.

The pre-show was fun. There was dancing! I apparently know all the words to "White and Nerdy", or at least almost all of them.

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