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Cherry, continued

I was sworn in as a virgin. It was fun! There were fun games with two pairs of other virgins, involving using pelvic thrusts to pop a balloon. The second girl finally used her high heel to stabbity the balloon to pop it.

JD and I were taking pictures. myrrhianna needs to bring her camera next time.

The show was fun. What else can I say about it? Frank was all kinds of hot. Rocky was, too. I got some good shots of his lace shorts falling off his butt. :D Evidently this cast has a tradition where they grab someone from the audience for Rocky to carry around when the Rocky on screen is carrying Frank's body.

JD was the random person from the audience. We got some good shots of that too.

There was all sorts of gossip on the way home. I have this crush on someone, in addition to the serious thing for Darkside. It's a serious crush, because LJ is Serious Business. There was discussion that made me giggle intensely, about similar but related issues. I pointed out some rather obvious things, like, well, that one thing with that one thing. Word choice and other typing habits say a lot in some circumstances. For the record, there is only one person who I sent a new year's text message to. One. Not two, not three, not several. There is only one person who gets me signing my e-mails "yours". Family and close friends get "love". He gets "yours". Commiseration commencing in five, four, three, two... At least my crush object is Taken? I'm not inquiring after poly status, because a) don't want to cause drama in the nest, and b) I'm courting a Seriously Monogamous Guy, and he'd take a girlcrush being acted on not as a "you are Mine and it is So Hot that there is lesbian action going on" but "Oh, taken". Maybe he'll get up to "you're Mine" at some point, but not if I Do Things with other people in the interim. I've been whistling Fiddler on the Roof songs rather a disturbing lot lately... heeeeee.

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