Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


9:25 AM 3/20/2007
At work at least vaguely on time. Spilled apple sauce and Dew Livewire all over the inside of the car. *cries*

Dear spreadsheet, why the fuck are you so slow? I have things to do with you. Like, things that are now and not sometime later today.

Dear Trainee, what time do you come in, in the mornings? Your voicemail says "gone home".

9:46 AM 3/20/2007
Still tasting blood. I have my serious pain meds with me, but have not taken any this morning. Last time, after the first little while, ibuprofen did it for me, and that's what I'm doing now. I don't like the brainfuckery that comes with more serious pain meds unless I'm a) in active pain, or b) actually feeling like recreational substances, and alcohol is more readily available, you can fine-tune the dose better, and I run less chance of addiction. (Lunatic doesn't feel like that kind of recreational substance; caffeine is far better for getting me fucking high, with less chance of brain and liver damage and more chance of psychosis!)

10:52 AM 3/20/2007
Ohdear. Someone seems to not put the same amount of WTF-ery on the events of last week and is saying it's still on. That was an e-mail I was sort of expecting, and ... ooo. I was too busy doing homework (ok, volunteer work that I can't wriggle out of) to draft up a thing. Soo. Um.


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