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Well, that was invigorating!

I only spent 4.75 hours at work, on the grounds that my trainee was doing the paperwork today, and I was still a little out of it post-wisdom tooth extraction.

I came home to explosions all over the internets. "Something bad happened and a lot of people go / bad themselves, that's how awful it is." Nothing that I can summarize in a tidy little package, just I hate being caught in the middle between two friends, especially when it's also work-related. Just because I don't get paid as such for helping out on LJ doesn't mean I don't consider it work. I ♥ you both very much and I will do my best to stay between you if necessary if it will make everything go more smoothly. (If it won't, I'll dive out of the way, duck and cover, and hope the internet won't explode.)

Anime Night followed, the new and improved version. There was some debate about where/when, et cetera; we wound up at myrrhianna's with tasty frozen pizza, watching Princess Princess. The cats came out in full force, eventually. I got photos. Photos to be following sometime.

After I got it written up, I did get our regrets sent off to the former host of Anime Night. I'm the tactful one, so it didn't come out with a spiked cluebat. More on that later also.

Loonie tired, need sleep. Loonie need clean applesauce out of car, too, but Loonie need sleep more. Why is it that every time I feel like I'm going to be OK, I have days or portions of days that just require me to curl up and be petted? Also, I need to get laid. (Though that's probably unlikely given my insanely stringent standards.)

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