Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Phone Testing

I have need at work to test some issues related to our phones. Management has given
us leave to make phone calls to do this.

I'm looking to call numbers within the US, all scattered throughout the place, to
verify how we are coming up on Caller ID, because we have been having issues with
some of our carriers and incorrect information coming up.

Any volunteers for me to call briefly?

I would need to know your phone number. (Private e-mail with same would be best; the
comments on this post are wide open and visible.)
You would have to have Caller ID.
You would have to pick up the phone to accept an incoming call from someone with
potentially very wacky and broken Caller ID info, and let me know what it is that is
showing up on the Caller ID.
I would have to be able to call you during business hours (9-5 Pacific daylight
time, M-F) at some point during the upcoming week.
I couldn't spend particularly long on the phone.
I would have to be at least vaguely OK with you knowing where I work (which isn't
something I spread around publicly, so I'd probably be calling people I already know
vs. perfect strangers) based on the fact that the company name might be in the
Caller ID info.

Management gives me the weird little jobs. Let me know if I should expect to hear
from you for this.

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