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Bluetooth the Pirate and other renfair stories

I decided at the last minute that I was definitely going to the renfair today, and wound up scraping up myrrhianna to go with me. She'd never been to ours before! We had a great time chatting on the way there. Yay construction/family house gossip! We stopped in at a local-to-the-renfair Safeway so she could hit up Mr. ATM, but I saw that strawberries were on sale! So I got a box! We shared them all the way to the renfair.

Unfortunately, there was golf tournament traffic. Alas! We still got there in something like a timely manner. I was scared about some of the muddy ruts vs. Vash, but he made it through the large open field that they're calling a parking lot. Better open field than concrete for the land, I say.

They didn't let the strawberries in with us. Alas! I didn't feel like throwing them out, but didn't feel like trekking them back to the car, so I invited the gate guard to enjoy them and share them.

We wandered around the place and there was fun. We saw Tartanic. Yay! There was shopping. There was all sorts of looking at stuffs. There was someone in beautiful pirate garb, with near to no anachronisms -- except for the bluetooth headset in his ear. Good times.

Chocolate covered strawberries. Pickle vendor! Fun. I was overheating just a tad in my full garb, with tightly laced bodice. I called Darkside near the end of the evening and asked if he was social. He was not. Alas! I bade him a careful goodbye.

The strawberry sellers were doing two-for-the-price-of-one by 5:30-ish. They were actually chocolate vendors, but yay strawberries. I took advantage of this. Then I realized I should bring something back for hcolleen too.

There was traffic on the road. There was singing. I looked at the traffic, looked at the chocolate-covered strawberries, and made a snap decision. myrrhianna questioned me about whether the person I plotted to visit would really like an unannounced strange visitor. I re-considered, and opted for a turn-off a little sooner. There's such a thing as "not social", and then there's my reaction to same, which is sometimes "stop by on my way back, shove fruit at, and depart".

His mom got the door. Happy parental unit yay! She would have invited me in, but I stood my ground outside, as Myrrh was in the car and I was respecting Darkside's "I am not social" boundaries. Darkside showed up, and had minor wtf over the strawberries until he recognized the actual berries under the milk and white chocolate. I swear that I saw a slightly less manic version of the "My Pokemans" grin as he snatched the strawberries from his mother and put them aside.

I glomped him. He was a little less *hug* and a little more *flail* than usual, given that his mom was right there. His mom said he'd been doing yard work and housework and stuff all day long, and he smelled freshly showered and stuff. Mmm, hug from best friend. His mom poked him about the not-being-social thing, and I repeated my insistence that I wasn't staying. And I didn't. Yay boundaries. I skipped off to the car and we whizzed off into the sunset.

Somewhere about that time, hcolleen had tried calling and text messaging. I realized this somewhat belatedly. I found the airport despite the construction shutting down the 60 along some crucial bits of it, and was pulling up to the terminal when I got a text message from hcolleen that had been sent a half-hour before I got it. It was a bit cryptic. I pulled up and she wasn't there. I cleared the text message to try calling her store; there were 6 missed calls.

Whee, crossed communications. Somehow what her co-worker said and what I heard did not get on the same train, and since I was waiting in the damned "no waiting" curbside zone at the airport with a TSA guy standing by, I did not probe and clarify that "went to the bus stop" actually meant "went to THE BUS STOP and not THE PLACE WHERE SHE WAS GOING TO MEET YOU"; instead, I spent a half-hour driving around the airport getting progressively more freaked-out, in that limbo of "did she take the bus or is she going to show up waiting for us". I finally called back the store and clarified, and spent the next five minutes attempting to not freak out even more, and also attempt to get to T4's other upper level side without breaking anything, in case the bus hadn't come yet and we could pick her up even so. Even though it was way too late. (You can't. Not without going around the whole airport. I was overwrought and not happy.)

Myrrh tried to chill me out with the "it may matter 10 minutes from now; it may matter 10 hours from now; it probably won't matter 10 days from now; it definitely won't matter 10 years from now" routine. Unfortunately, that does not work so well at chilling me out. I know perfectly well how far-reaching the effects of something like that won't be, and that does nothing to chill me out in the 10 hours in which it will matter. She finally brought up the AK-47, which wound up making me giggle intensively. That's the social yardstick. AK-47.

Ecchi-chan got home. I want to slap her former roommates for ditching her at the airport that one time. If not for that, I don't think she'd have quite this level of paranoia. I remembered and I was there, even though I didn't hear my cellphone and didn't get the text message in anything like time.

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