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Been rather draggy all weekend, as I do not like it when my mouth starts hurting and hurting and hurting. Went to the dentist today, but evidently all seems to be well in general. I got my antibiotics extended, I should call him if I start to run out of pain meds when I still have pain, the ibuprofen is a good move because painkilling + anti-inflammatory = ftw, and sometimes bones just gotta ache if they have a great gaping hole in them.


But at least I know it's normal and it's not like it's not healing; he says that it looks just great back there!

He hadn't had the Two Teeth With Scary Doom Between on his little list of things to get fixed in my mouth; they're the thing that's next on it for me. Because. Scary. Doom. Pain. These things do not like me.

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