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I've been doing serious documentation at work. Mentioned to Pink Shirt Guy that I may need to adjust my actual schedule to reflect the kind of mornings I've been having. I get to dive head-first into the database fun come Monday, since Quarter 1 will be over and joy and happiness and stuff. I'm half-excited, half-dreading it.

I had a two-hour meeting with Management today, hashing out things that I thought had already been hashed out, namely how logtime is calculated, and me arguing that I knew what I needed and it would be like 90% easier to just give me the exact technical data that I knew I needed that I'd already built the infrastructure for ...


This is the sort of thing that leaves me wanting to just dive into a computer and not come out for a while, because ZOMG THEY MAKE MORE SENSE THAN HUMANS. If they know something, they know it, right? I get a stupid brain-fried headache just thinking about that two hours. Not all of it was bad, but the bad parts were more than bad enough to leave a sense of badness just thinking about it.

I was all bouncyhappy today, though, because the docs are coming together and I'm getting stuff done and explained and actually really genuinely feeling like a Real Geek.

Part of that was running into the New IT Guy Who Has To Deal With Field, and letting him know that if he needs some minor troubleshooting help in Field, like someone who understands that "monitor has no signal, going into power save mode" does NOT usually mean "monitor is broken" (we get this all the time) then please feel free to poke me. He was so happy about that, because the technical level in Field is such that this is actually a trouble ticket that I've seen more than twice.

And as a vacation from writing up that damn spreadsheet, I whipped together a quick set of docs on how to add, delete, and edit job numbers in the monitoring system, and explained it all to Trader Joe's Queen Monitor, because she's the person who I can trust to comprehend complex technical operations when given adequate documentation and notes, exactly because she knows that she is not a technical person.

Management says that if I should go after another job (and she's totally cool with the concept given that it's technically a part-time position that I'm in, and she recognizes that I need health insurance and more room for personal and professional development) that I'm more than welcome to stay on part-time, and they'll totally work with me on hours and time and stuff. 20 hours a week. 10 hours a week. 8 hours a week. 8 hours a month. And I'm inclined to be cooperative, because they're good to me and I like it there and the stuff they've got me doing now is *fun*!

I'm polishing my CV yet again, having determined that the old one sucks. I'm thinking I'll run it past some of the writer ladies (well, OK, you know who you are) and then apply. There's no earthly reason that I *shouldn't* get the position. But. Still. I don't want to inadvertently screw myself over.

I called Darkside in a bit of a tizzy at a normal sane hour when he ordinarily would have been coherent. He answered the phone all groggy. He's got an interview tomorrow. Good thoughts for my best friend, yay. He was perceptive enough to notice that I was a little tizzified, and kept me on the line long enough to determine that yeah, I was in fact OK and not fired, and my voice going up an octave from usual was just me being a freak and freaking out, not an actual emergency. Did I mention that I've got the best best friend in the universe? I think I mentioned that, but it never hurts to make sure.

Spr0t is good at being around, but I'm feeling a little ... hm. I'm just hoping I haven't accidentally done anything to piss anyone off, because that's the last thing I'd want to do. I know my paranoia index is up, which probably means that I need to have my St. John's Wort adjusted up, my caffeine adjusted down, and my jaw to stop aching even peripherally so I won't be on any scary-strong pain meds at all at all at all at all. If it's not just my paranoia index being out of wack and I actually have done anything to offend any of the people I hang out with and care about, that was completely not my intention and I am interested in a) knowing what it was, b) doing what I can to make it right if possible, and c) not doing it again.

Tonight was Death Note with hcolleen, which was glorious fun. There were all sorts of wtf in it, but we're caught up now, which means we can start watching Bleach again as well. We've been having conversations, such as they are, entirely in fangirl Japanese. My grasp of Japanese is limited to a small handful of words, but I'm picking up a few more here and there. Grammar is another story. But listening for the honorifics and who uses which honorific on which person is my new anime-hobby, because it says so much about the relationship between those characters, and I love that!

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