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10:02 AM 3/30/2007
I actually got here something closer to on time this morning. I'm going to have assorted amounts of fun fixing something that I didn't catch that my trainee didn't do quite right, which is mostly my bad for not catching it. eep.

10:09 AM 3/30/2007
Oh, oy. And I just had to correct a formula problem that was my responsibility. Bad me! At least it was a very recent change.

10:35 AM 3/30/2007
Mouth update: I don't think I needed any pain pills yesterday. Lunch was split pea soup, so I didn't need any then, and supper was. Um. Something. I didn't need any for that either. I think the last one was a half one Wednesday night, and I'm not having any random jaw aching issues that aren't covered by ibuprofen. So. Yay! Just took about a week longer than I thought it would!

10:46 AM 3/30/2007
Whee the first round of paperwork is done. I'm having a day off from straight training today, though I will invite the trainee in to talk about that one thing, perhaps after I fix it, or maybe before. Not sure. But I found it, and I caught it, and it'll all be good. But. Ow.

So today's going to be lots of documentation, and then BOFFING.

11:46 AM 3/30/2007
Posted to phoenix_az about the boffer group, because hello! Boffing! I'd been meaning to do that for a while, just had never gotten around to it. That's the brilliant thing about procrastination. Vacuuming the cat is fun!

Speaking of which, Saturday is going to be hella busy because Sunday is booked up. *looks around shiftily, wondering if certain best friends are actually watching this journal* (Bwahahaha.)

2:57 PM 3/30/2007
I have the sort of headache that I get from too much computer, not quite enough of the right kind of tea, and not enough lunch. Lunch is a good thing. I'm documenting, though, and I don't like the idea of wandering away from documentation that I'm enjoying.

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