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Monkey milestone!

When I was hanging out with chas_ and smmc and the Demon Plague-Monkeys, I hit a milestone with them!

The eldest rather vigorously threw a ball. Not just "Hi I throw ball", but "this got kicked out of bounds and I get to do the throw-in" level of almost hitting the ceiling. Evidently this has been covered before on the 'things we do not do indoors' list, and covered fairly recently, so since I was the current closest adult, I pried his little hands off the ball and put it out of reach with words about the not doing of this, and the putting this up for a bit, then.

*RAGESCREAMINCOHERENTMALEDICTION!!* quoth the four-year-old. I'm sure there were words in there, because I heard syllables and saw that his mouth was moving for more than just a shriek. Couldn't understand a single one of them. Didn't have to.

There's nothing like getting cussed out by a four-year-old (who knows he's in the wrong) to make one feel like a Responsible Adult. In the little boy's eyes, I am no longer just A Cool Guest who is a grown-up, I am actually an Adult.

Icon is of my Virtual Nephew at about age 7. shammash makes a cameo appearance in the background.

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