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"I want to keep this one."

Woke up first early and then late thanks to a technical difficulty on the part of my alarm clock. The fact that the thing sprung ahead on me on April 1st is purely amusing.

Picked up myrrhianna. I missed her at first, which led to some amusement. We headed out of town at a fair clip, with me talking back to road signs and snarking at fellow drivers as per usual standards. (I don't cuss so much as I used to. I do say things that occasionally are very entertaining.)

I showed up on Darkside's doorstep clad in the compromise costume I'd wound up with: the under-layer to my usual garb, just the chemise, belted with a multi-strand leather belt that I've had for a few years but have never really got the opportunity to wear so much, and my pretty happy black scarf with silver threads. Darkside came to the door after a few minute delay, all dressed and ready, complete with water. (I checked.) He wanted to know if this was a new outfit, because he'd never seen me wear it before. (He notices?) I presented him with his ticket, and we were off. He'd known what I was up to the minute I called from my cellphone and asked for his mom, actually, given that I'd previously said that this particular weekend was the last weekend of the fair. What he had been a little worried about was the idea that all of this had been an elaborate set-up designed to get him anticipating a fun day -- and then having it be a let-down when the build-up and his expectations turned out to be the foolery. (But I'm not mean like that. So doing something like that didn't even occur to me. Though he'd better watch out for next year -- just wait and see if I don't call and talk to his mom a week before April Fool's Day so as to get him paranoid, and then just not follow through with anything.)

There was some phone tag trying to get us all in one spot, as chas_ and smmc and the Demon Monkeys went on their own rather than together in a caravan with us, but we accomplished that, and soon set off for the Ded Bob Show.

If you've seen Ded Bob once, you've seen about all there is to see, unless there's a new President, in which case the material will change slightly. myrrhianna had never seen Ded Bob, so we went with her to see that. (I'm afraid that at that juncture I was just a liiittle too control-freak, as I interrupted the natural order of seating to make sure that I was sitting by Darkside. At least I managed to be subtle? I hope?) Ded Bob was mildly amusing, and Demon Monkey the Younger was fussy.

There was Tartanic. I videotaped a lot of it, and will be poking at it and probably uploading. At one point, Tartanic invited the audience to use those weekend minutes, call their friends and relatives, and share the joy that is bagpipes and drums with them. I seriously considered calling Mama and Dad and not even saying anything, just letting the bagpipe music play at them.

There was lunch. There was the Wylde Man Show (mud!) and there was almost jousting. But Demon Monkey the Eldest had an Axe Crisis, and then I had sunblock in my eyes, and one thing after another had us miss jousting. I was not too upset, because I was overheating and cranky as it was. We wound up in a costuming shop for a while as chas_ tried on assorted outfits, and that was a good thing for me, because it was Shade. (So bringing an umbrella next time, omg. I'd thought that it would be too much of a clonky thing to drag around, so I hadn't, but I needed one badly.) I attempted to soothe the Demon Monkeys by singing lullabies, even though half the lullabies wound up being half-remembered show tunes. Darkside made some horrible, dreadful pun at myrrhianna; she retaliated by smacking me, because she couldn't smack Darkside. I passed the smack on to Darkside, who smacked me right back. All is in balance in the world.

Eventually, there were the Tortuga Twins, with their Loose Cannon show. At the renfair, shows with questionable content (or, er, outright racy content) are rated Loose Cannon, and Parents Should Know Better. Darkside had been mentioning this particular show all day. A friend of his had come to him going completely OMG over the content of the show. Darkside wanted to know why; had they added any new material? It had contained a rather lot of same-sex sexual innuendo, and the friend listed off all the shocking contents! Darkside shrugged: no new content there! He said we absolutely had to go to this. So we did. I about died laughing, and this is a show I very much should have taped, because wow. zomg the slash. I did wind up taking a lot of still photos. I have no idea if the women's underwear part was planned or impromptu, but oh wow that was hilarious. The woman with the low-cut shirt and the big boobs in the front row was complete coincidence; "Daddy" in the audience was probably part of a planned line of patter but also hilarious. Darkside enjoyed the whole thing more than I thought he might given the high level of same-sex sexual innuendo, as he's just a liiittle uncomfortable about certain things, but evidently innuendo is OK especially if it's for amusement purposes. (No actual gay sex was had in the making of this comedy routine!) That makes me happier in general.

During this particular show, Darkside and I wound up sitting with our legs touching for part of it. Not entirely accidental, not entirely "we are sitting this close anyway", and not entirely on purpose. Casual. Connected. We touch like that in private; we do it in public now too, it seems.

My poor delicate leather belt decided that it really did not like having a wooden sword shoved in it and banged around all day. There are now three of the leather thongs left connected. Alas!

Darkside went back and bought the wooden greatsword he'd been eying. *giggle* His is definitely bigger than mine! He was the one who made the jokes about compensating for something; I turned bright pink and couldn't comment.

I got sunburnt.

We went out for dinner. Part of the process was getting separated from each other; we eventually found each other in three different directions, or something like that.

Chocolate was half-price again. Glee! hcolleen, the small bag in the refrigerator has your name on it.

myrrhianna is still getting used to her bloody blood sugar drugs. She had some fudge to bring herself up when she realized that she was low and turning into a zombie, but didn't realize what sugar like that does to blood sugar -- spike, crash. So she spiked and crashed in the car, and was sleeping by the time we got to the restaurant, and disoriented and dizzy after we woke her up. She got orange juice first (kudos to Red Robin waitstaff for listening and getting the orange juice with an amazing promptness when told what was needed) and then dinner and was just fine.

Dinner was excellent fun once we got there. (Darkside hadn't counted on the construction when giving directions, and we circled around because there was no Superstition Springs exit coming westbound.) Darkside and myrrhianna got started with the Evil Overlord List, went into a digression about how actually armies who lost important wars might have excellent uniforms to base Evil Overlord uniforms off of, because of the circumstances surrounding their defeat, and things got really interesting from there. This degenerated into a "who would you want on your Ultimate Army team", first pulling from history, then adding in RPG characters, novel characters, and anime characters. The whole thing degenerated into unrecoverable hilarity when myrrhianna said that she'd choose Kurama, and Darkside responded with "I'll take Hiei." I burst out laughing. I couldn't help it. It's not my fault that hcolleen has an OT3 from that series... (Darkside didn't mean it that way. Poor straight boy. Hee. Hee! At least he's not sensitive to innuendo like, oh, say, AK-47 guy would be... ) (During dinner? Still with the touching in public. Sort of public. Not immediately visible to the public, not glued together, not overtly affectionate ... but there. Just there. A reassurance.)

Somewhere in there, when they started on anime, I re-introduced myrrhianna to Darkside with "She hosts our new anime night." Darkside's eyes lit up. myrrhianna and Darkside anime-geeked all the way home. It was hysterically fun. (Darkside wins at sword fights with me sometimes; sometimes he loses. I mentioned that when it's a battle of wills, Darkside always wins, even if he doesn't think he does, because I don't give up fighting even after I know I've lost. Oh, dear, I'm such a very subby sub around him, and now he knows that part of my secret, because I've told him he's won.) I would know my way to his house in the dark, and blindfolded -- except I'm not fool enough to try that refinement while driving! No Miles, I.

I walked Darkside to his door and claimed a hug. I let him know that ordinarily I'd say that I'd drop by next weekend to help brighten up his dull existence (not in quite those words, but same general gist of things) but friends moving! He made noises that were intended to be slightly mysterious and noncommittal, but nevertheless managed to indicate that if he were to have things his way, he would be at Anime Night. ♥ (I sometimes don't know why we bother with regular speech, because we say so many things without it to each other. I'm almost scared to think of the things he can read from me. Until the ends of the universe and beyond.) He's had an interview; here's hoping that things come through in a timely fashion. (I saw the quick flick of glance to the sky, and knew that I was witnessing a quiet instant of prayer. I felt like I was seeing something naked.)

This was a good day. A very good day. Pictures to follow sometime when I'm conscious.

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