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Two days worth of work notes.

11:23 AM 4/2/2007
Beyond the ends of the universe,

Having children doesn't necessarily make you a Man or a Woman. It just makes it
necessary for you to become one, and fast. If you don't, all of you suffer. It may
be the crucial turning point that makes someone do this, but adulthood is not
contingent upon having kids, and having kids does not necessarily guarantee
adulthood. This is apropos of Homie G. Jr. and his girlfriend and their baby. The
guy's got excellent maturity for a kid his age, but he's still got some growing to
do before I see him hitting adult status.

11:46 AM 4/2/2007
eeee eeee am all hyper-happy. I'm alternating between tired (I woke up an hour early
due to phone ringing) and hyper because of happy. I'm also having some Dew, so yay.

12:28 PM 4/2/2007
So. Yeah. No real reason to be as extremely happy as I am, but. Best friend. Maybe
coming for anime night. Even a noncommittal response like "What night is it?" is
cause for celebration. You see, Darkside doesn't like making committments on things.
This isn't because he's afraid of doing so, quite. It's because he's very careful
about keeping his word when he says he'll do something, and unless he knows for
certain that wild freeway traffic and rampaging parents couldn't keep him away, he
refuses to say "I'll definitely be there", because he doesn't know if he can.
A smirk with the eyebrow-lift like that and a "What night did you say Anime Night
was?" from him is as good as an "I don't know if I'll be able to make it for sure,
but if everything works according to plan, I'll be there!" from someone else.

I had such a great time at the Arizona Renaissance Festival yeterday. There were
mishaps, as there always are when life happens, but over all yesterday was just
overflowing with so much gold!

I got to see the bagpipe and drum band Tartanic on their last day of performance
ever, and got some videos of them. (I didn't think to get the camera out for their
first number, but I got everything else from that performance.) It's sad that
they're breaking up, but I know all of them will go on to musical opportunities
better suited to their true desires. (My friend had her video camera out last time
we were there, and some of those are up on YouTube now.)

I had a great time with my friends, including my best friend, who I rarely get to
see due to geographical and schedule difficulites (he lives 40 miles away and has a
difficult commute

2:41 PM 4/3/2007
Hard drive behaving badly on one of the machines over in the corner conference room.
One of the guys said it was vibrating so much it was like a vibrator.

"Vibrating hard drives are not sexy!" I shouted out from my corner. Dead silence for
at least three minutes.

I win.

2:53 PM 4/3/2007
Sweetheart Supervisor is no longer with the company. Seems that she hasn't been
showing up at all, and...well. So. Yeah.

4:41 PM 4/3/2007
OMG I hope Darkside shows up tonight. Yesterday's paperwork was still hellish.
Today's was not much better. The guys were in the conference room in the corner of
the training rooms laying down PCs on the desks, so there was much insanity over
there, thus the HD commentary earlier.

5:23 PM 4/3/2007
I did establish to them that I am geekier than them, because of telling them it was
not serial mice, but PS/2 mice, and talking casually about NICs. hee.

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