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At the end of the day, it's what you take home with you.

Worked on getting the paperwork straightened out today. There was a lot of fixing to be done. I have a whole lot of work to do on pulling the stats, and I only got one of the things done last night. The day-to-day stuff is just so overwhelming. I can't let it pile up on me, my trainee still needs a lot of help on the uncommon stuff, and I'm hoping so very much that tomorrow will be a better day for me sitting down, disappearing in my headphones, and just doing things.

Some form of allergy attack hit me on Monday afternoon, and I've spent the past day feeling very nasty and that special kind of snotty-dehydrated that comes with miserable allergy attacks. I don't like this at all. It's better than being sick, because sick means you have to get better. Allergies just happen.

Anime Night was another success, even though there was no Darkside. The thing with the vampire private detective is so much crack. I think I gave up on making witty callbacks when after I said something about Cain being what's-his-name's lover, something very similar showed up in the subtitles. We had a very confused and delighted moment of gawking hilarity. The one low note was when I knocked over a glass of melted ice with my feet, and it landed right on my cellphone, and I didn't notice for another quite a few minutes. The cellphone will power up, so I'm letting it dry and see what happens. I should probably stick it in a plastic bag with a silica gel thing, provided I can find both at the same time. Ecchi-chan was falling asleep when Nibiki walked past and deliberately brushed her fluffed-out tail against Ecchi-chan's feet. There was shrieking and glaring, but no human was responsible for that one.

Regarding the cellphone, it's less of a disaster than it could be, for many reasons:
  • I think the cellphone has a good chance of survival after it dries out.
  • All calls to the cellphone will be routed to the landline, if there are any.
  • While I use it a lot, I'm not surgically attached to it.
  • I have other means of posting to LJ.
  • In case of actual need of cellphone, I do have the prepaid Tracfone that I've been using as a mobile photo post client.
  • My 2-year contract is up in May, and this is April.

April 1st is a weird day, socially speaking. Since I was off the maps for most of it, I missed some of the stuff falling down that fell. And I have thoughts about a specific situation, one that most of the people who were there can probably identify by the sparse detail that goes into my "I have thoughts on a situation I don't want to name" sort of wrap-ups. I started out from the concept that "April Fool's Day jokes should not be deliberately mean or cruel." Sometimes they are, though, and that's just the breaks, because no matter how careful you are when being funny, someone's not going to be amused, and sometimes the best way to get results when you're doing this for social activism is to shake up people's comfort zones. Then I got into "April Fool's Day jokes should not incite panic", even though some of them do, just because people do panic over stuff. So that wasn't a very productive line of thought, though I do point out LJ's April Fool's Day joke as an example of how to actually handle a joke that upsets people. The moment someone expressed being upset, they were pointed at the calendar. The joke was not deliberately taken too far with someone who was upset, angry, or scared.

That was a good direction to go, actually, because that got me to the concept "If something you do winds up the easily upset, it's poor sportsmanship to deliberately keep winding them further." I can live with that concept. In fact, it's one that I try to live by. It's not my responsibility to avoid upsetting the easily upset at all costs (especially the cost of my own comfort and safety), but it's not good practice to poke the easily upset with a stick without a damn good reason to be doing so, and it's especially not my responsibility to keep poking the easily upset after they've indicated that what I'm doing is upsetting them, especially if I'm doing it for my own amusement in their space.

The joke I'm referencing was a good concept to start with, and the initial phase was all right, if a bit over the top for my tastes. Where I believe the joker failed was to continue the joke in character after people started getting upset, even if what they were getting upset over was really rather petty. I really don't care how funny the joker though it was to continue stringing irate people along on the prank, doing so was in poor taste. If the intent was to point out how they got worked up over a very petty issue, that could have been done after the first upset response. I think the joker was trying for a flamewar under the guise of the holiday. I also think the joker wants public attention and doesn't particularly care how it's obtained. That's really not a kind of dude I'm willing to abide with.

Geeking at work was fun. In addition to the guys setting up the conference room, there was geeking with one of the company geeks. Snarky Lady's machine was having trouble with zip files, as was mine. We have the trial version of PowerArchiver, which needs to be scraped off; this'll mean someone with admin rights coming around. Snarky Lady is not as good as I am at summing up complicated technical situations. Not at all. I can see things and explain them so that someone remote can understand them. I did that. I'm thinking the tech will be wanting to communicate with me rather than Snarky Lady in the future.

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