Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


1) I am bossy as fuck. There are times when I'm perfectly willing to go along with whatever's going along and it's all good, but there are also times when I make statements and then things happen.

2) Me going all bossy as fuck tends to coincide with things going badly in places that are under my influence.

3) You might be surprised at some of the places I consider "under my influence".

4) Nachos. Served doggy style. (One of the good concepts to have come out of AK-47 night!)

5) Cats normally have very sharp claws. I keep forgetting this.

6) Hermione-cat is unusually cooperative, and requires only one-hand restraint while clipping said claws.

7) Cutting chicken-claws is less delicate work than cutting cat-claws, and runs you less general risk of getting mutilated.

8) Indoor cats should be subject to an arms embargo.

9) shammash is an unusually cooperative cat in general, and eris_raven cooperated for me because I'm me and she's her.

10) ailetoile, stevieg, and luminairex move this weekend!

10a) I have not yet made fudge. :(

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