Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

3:20 PM 4/6/2007
Ha-ha. I went and talked to Pink Shirt Guy's counterpart, and in the middle of
yelling that "It's treating the job numbers as numbers when I specifically told it
to treat it as text!" I got an idea, shut up, thanked her, and walked away, much to
her confusion.

I'm'a hack the import thing to include a letter with the job numbers in question, so
Access won't see it as a number no matter how hard it tries. No, the letter will
not be 'e'. Smartass.

Nor will it be 'i'.

3:29 PM 4/6/2007
Lunch was a really good plan. Next stage of the plot involves the bank and laundry
money, after I coax the computer to either give up its plans or something. I have no
idea what that table is up to, just that it shouldn't take that long to do whatever
it's doing.

3:51 PM 4/6/2007
I should arrange an appointment with the dentist about the little hard/sharp lump at
the edge of the upper wisdom tooth socket. It does not make me happy.

Whee out of here!

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