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Cox being cocks!

So the guys found what was up with the cable problems -- rather than necessarily a hardware filter on the stuff out in the main cable box, it seemed that the owner of the house had unhooked the main cable line from the central splitter-thing and hooked in the cable feed from the satellite dish instead. So when they plugged the cable line from the cable company back into the house's hardwired cable splitter, suddenly WE GET SIGNAL MAIN INTERNET TURN ON!

So they called Cox and let Cox know "o hay it was our wiring inside the house and we fix0red it".


Interprets this as "plz disconnect our service lol" and obliges.


So stevieg and ailetoile and luminairex and occasionally squidheadjax are without the internets until Cox's sales department opens up and someone can take that nice little scaled-down baseball bat to them. Because OMG. Wow. STUPID.

[~11:30am: They have internets now!!]

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