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Illustrations for yesterday's fun with cream of mushroom soup cans and table knives.

If you managed to decipher any useful content out of yesterday's voice post, you would have discerned that in order to make supper, luminairex and squidheadjax and I were reduced to caveman antics vs. a pair of large cans of cream-of-mushroom soup.

stevieg had previously used a table knife with extra stabbity to open the can of evaporated milk that I'd needed for the fudge, so I proposed the use of this same knife to open the cream-of-mushroom soup for use in the cream sauce for the noodles.

The results were unorthodox and involved a lot of giggling. Once my can was open a very little bit, I tried using a baster to suck the concentrated soup out. No such luck. luminairex described the texture of the substance as "like chunky cum", so all the baster did was make a mess and get soup concentrate splattered on the front of the stove. Attempting to use said baster to inject hot beef broth into the can was similarly un-helpful.

It was at about this point that I decided that the whole endeavor needed documentation, and first whipped out my trusty cellphone ("You're voice posting this? Hahaha!") and then my little camera ("OK, pose with the knife -- not so much stabby; the camera doesn't handle motion well..."), to much giggling and other general hilarity.


More posed stabby, with Lyssa in the background entirely unsure about this whole chain of events, but very amused.

The carnage.

The sauce is white! And chunky!



Table knife and pocket multitool. The former was used for the stabby, and the latter was used to bend back the edges of the wound.


Mmm, creamy finished sauce!

And for dessert, MORE LJ FUDGE! This time I got the orientation of the pencil right.

stevieg prevails against the fudge.


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