Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

No armed maniacs at work today.

11:00 AM 4/9/2007
Access chokes after replacing 9490 incidences of the same item, it looks like. How

OK, and now file sharing locks exceeded, with 9491 replaced. Cool!

This is entertaining me far too much, but it does serve a valid business purpose:
making me not have to code support for stupid error codes.

11:40 AM 4/9/2007
Oh dear. A plotline popped into my head, a post-apocalyptic romp featuring happy
SCAdians re-creating the not-so-fun parts of agricultural survival, and a crotchety
survivalist who is not being mugged for his tinned fruit (and is a little put out
over it).

I wonder how many incidents of same-sex relations in the military were
cross-dressing girlfriends tagging along. I also wonder how many incidents of actual
same-sex relations were passed off as cross-dressing girlfriends.

12:06 PM 4/9/2007
Oooog glasses. (I'm wearing my old glasses today, as the screw popped out of my real
glasses and can't be found.)

I did not realize that there was so much fiddly little maintainence in the whole
thing. I got the QA monitor table updated with the other IDs so we won't have to do
that in other things. It's bad DB design, but I export these things and I don't
wanna have yet another query.

There's probably some money somewhere in scaling up sippy-cups for adult
sticky-beverage use by the computer. (I just overturned a lidded travel cup on some
papers, with predictable results.)

12:37 PM 4/9/2007
IDIOT. *smack* Refusal rate overall needs to be calculated from all qualifying
contacts, not averaged from the thingy. Joanie no baka.

I hate these glasses, also. They are the same style glasses I was wearing when I was
seven years old. They're huge and pink and ugly. They make me look like Branch. They also make me
feel like I'm drunk, because I can't see straight and have to strain to focus on

1:06 PM 4/9/2007
My co-workers get to hear about the adventures of the weekend.

2:20 PM 4/9/2007
The other training lady had an interesting weekend as well. Her cat had a feline
UTI, and was feeling miserable and psychotic as a result, and wound up shredding her
hands and ankles. Cat's doing much better now, and she's patched up, but ... OW.

3:19 PM 4/9/2007
In the spare time while I was trying to run this query, I got the voice post from
the soup incident nearly fully transcribed. Anyone who wants to double-check my
work, feel free. I don't log in to LJ from work, for fairly obvious reasons.

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