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A day, plus fic-plotting.

4:32 PM 4/9/2007

The thick heavy twilight closes around us so sweet unshed tears ripple through my
eyes and voice; I reach an empty hand for the space where your heart should beat, in
the air just out of my reach.

5:12 PM 4/9/2007

I think I used to believe that there were only so many stories in my heart, and when
I told all of them, I'd be used up and there would be no more coming. But there are
too many for me to tell in my lifetime, so I've got to start telling more of them
and getting them out of my head to make way for the ones that are to come.

The crazy guys keep trying to demonstrate this to me, and I guess I haven't been
listening as closely as I should be.

11:39 AM 4/10/2007

"Hopeless Cause"

It wasn't that Boots O'Neil was a pushover, exactly, it was that his roommate and
long-time friend Bruno was so very enthusiastic, and had a habit of doing the very
things that Boots tried to warn him against doing.

After the first few disasters, where Bruno took on a problem far too large for him
and, amazingly, managed to prevail, at the cost of Boots's nerves, Boots learned how
to manage things.

12:30 PM 4/10/2007
And hey. How come I am having difficulties staying logged in after logging in with
TypeKey to make a comment on a TypePad blog? Bizarre. (Ooo, I wonder if it's an
Embedding problem?) Problematical link:,
though I was accessing it at the URL -- I go
over there completely logged out, log in using the handy link, return, type up my
comment, hit post, and get asked for my info. *eyes the crab* IE
6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_qfe.061219-0311 ; yes cookies are enabled.

(If necessary I write up trouble ticket if pointed in the right direction.)

12:48 PM 4/10/2007
At least Traveling Manager's expense sheets are all prepared. I really am a
secretary around here.

1:15 PM 4/10/2007
Made that comment to the Edwards LJ that I think the entirety of Support has been
thinking about, telling him about communities. Whee, grassroots LJ fun.

There's a query running. There is also country music in my ear. I do like some, so
I'm sorting to see if Pandora can give me what I want.

4:31 PM 4/10/2007
Event committee meeting = win. Lots of talking, but lots of interestind things too.
I get to write up the minutes! Whee!

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