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Happy Saturday

Based on Darkside's declaration that he wouldn't stop me from dropping by this weekend, I wandered over there today, bringing duct tape swords with me.

We whacked at each other in the back yard for a decent amount of time. It wound up, as it usually does, with us taking the battle past swords and into close-contact dirty sparring. No one actually got hurt. We had a whole lot of fun. I'm going to need to repair my long-sword, since he stepped on the end in the fray and wound up tearing the padding at the tip half off. We're fairly evenly matched. We always have been. I have declared my intent to get to a point where I can beat him every time. He has declared that this will never happen. We exchanged advice. We tried some rather unconventional tactics on each other; it's always nicest to do that on someone whose mind you can almost read. I still have no idea who actually won more of the bouts. We dual-killed a rather lot. (We're very good at that.)

We wound up in his room watching Witch Hunter Robin, which we'd started together some time ago. He's seen the series a few times, so he's been trying not to spoil me.

He wound up finding something else in between disks, something involving the cartoon network and a daughter of a Yakuza clan leader trying to be a schoolteacher. It's very wrong on a visceral level to me to see anime and hear English-speaking voices, especially when I know there's an original version there that wanted better translation.

Curling up comfortably next to him and watching anime is a whole lot better than curling up in my own bed at home (minus him) and crying. (Yesterday at work was a little stressful.) My need for contact was filled, and filled well. It used to be that casually brushing elbows while watching anime together was an Event. Now, in private, we curl up close to each other, with constant, casual contact. (Boundaries exist, but it's a gentle give-and-take now, rather than an epic battle of My Space and Your Space. And I told him two weeks ago that yes, from time to time he's sent me running from the room crying -- but I've always come back. Unspoken, but I hope he heard it: ... and as long as you want me to, I always will.)

My fangirl-Japanese is improving. I started dying of laughter when the Boss started referring to Robin as Robin-kun rather than Robin-chan. (What are the circumstances under which a superior refers to a young woman by a young male honorific, anyway?) It was a nuance that Darkside hadn't seemed to notice until I pointed it out.

In the middle of the anime, there was a really bad product misplacement. I pointed it out in tones rather louder than I should have -- evidently yelping "COCK!?!?" at a decibel level that can be heard out in the living room is bad practice when you're in your best friend's bedroom with him, with the door closed and the lights out. Especially when his parents are in there. His conservative Christian parents. ...Ooops. Emerging from said bedroom some time later, with mussed hair and a perky, happy attitude? Hee. Heee. He gets to explain to them. He declined my polite offer to do the explaining, on the grounds that he's the one who has to live with them.

(Disambiguation for new arrivals: Darkside and I are best friends. Best friends forever, perhaps. He and I have never dated, although my ex-roommate is his ex-girlfriend. Everybody, with one notable exception, thinks we'd make a great couple. Since that one notable exception is him, and I know at least part of the list of reasons why he is a) not going to be having a relationship with me, and b) not going to be having a relationship with anybody, there's far less angst than there could be, and I'm not about to wreck all my chances by trying to force the issue; I'd rather work on what I can of the lists of reasons. With all this in mind, it's rather darkly amusing when events conspire to make it seem as if we might be up to something R+ rated.)

We eventually wound up watching Mythbusters as well. Glee. From time to time he'd look over at me and ask if I was OK. I was. I guess he just doesn't see me in a state of near-complete relaxation, contentment, and near-sleep often.

I shared what I'd text-posted to LJ. There was groaning and facepalming. The "cock" thing is going to be an on-going joke, mostly because it's too funny to let die. "Just for the taste of it -- diet COCK!" was one of his contributions. There's a two-liter bottle of a popular cola chilling in my refrigerator right now. :D

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