Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

I have a headache.

2:26 PM 4/17/2007
I clearly need to purchase a copy of "Thou Shalt Always Kill", because I've been
listening to it back-to-back on YouTube.

2:57 PM 4/17/2007
Snarky Lady and I are getting into it in the name of Science.

3:23 PM 4/17/2007
I get to hack. Whee. Hack. I'm not sure exactly where to start, but I'm making a
series of queries starting with II, for Issue Investigation. See how Spr0t gets into
the sort of thing I'm up to? Scary, that. I'm starting to have all my work run into
each other, mostly because I'm learning from each thing and applying it to the

(And I seriously want to have an icon available to me of the "Thou shalt not wish
your girlfriend was 'a freak like me'" moment.)

3:57 PM 4/17/2007
Something I ran into over in suggestions today: I am adamantly against
the idea of a security setting for entries that is 'registered users only'.
Adamantly. The reason is not because I think you, the particular user who wants this
feature, is stupid. The reason is because I have volunteered in Support for long
enough to know that perhaps you in particular know how to use it, but I will have to
deal with the Support requests of the several thousand other people who are, in
fact, idiots, and do not know how to use it, especially the ones who have become
terribly upset with us as a direct result of their complete inability to
comprehend simple facts of the fucking internet.

If I didn't have to support it, I'd probably be all for it. I do have to support it
-- not by virtue of my job, because I don't work for LJ, but by virtue of me being a
citizen of LJ who takes an active role in keeping the site held together.

I think that a feature that would be impossible to support would be an actively bad
thing for LJ, and would lead to volunteer burnout and other bad things. Volunteer
burnout would mean instituting paid support staff, and that would probably mean a
decrease in the quality of support, as well as a decrease in LJ's safety margin in
the budget.

4:22 PM 4/17/2007
And some rant time and fresh hot tea have enabled me to get the perspective that
this little project needs. I got it so that the problematical hours for only one
incident are isolated; I'm plotting to get the other things isolated as well!

... and Pandora has started serving me up Jonathan Coulton. "Shop Vac" just showed
up on my Country Feedback station. Glee.

I've taken to numbering my queries: starting with the same topic that describes them
all, then the sequential number in which I built them, which generally describes
what order they run in, what builds off of what (that is to say, 2 would not be
ruined by accidentally deleting 5) and then labeling them according to function more
specific than "WHAT the CHEESE is this?!?!" (although I don't believe either '?' or
'!' is allowed in a filename) (and I do have a query from a prior instance of issue
investigation that involves the phrase 'what the cheese').

I talk naturally in high-level programming design jargon. Darkside has to struggle
at it a little; he prefers to speak plainly, and that's at war with high-level
design jargon.

5:16 PM 4/17/2007
Anime night without AK-47s!!


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