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Azure Jane Lunatic

Hooray for e-mail.

In a completely unprecedented move, Darkside seems to have sent not one, but two short responses to short e-mails from me. Within the same 24 hours.

I'm asking around about what the monitor trainee likes, because DAMN. She just saved the entire company, from the phone goons on up, grief. Especially me. This is the sort of oversight that happens, and it shouldn't happen, and it does, because we're supposed to trust the companies we do business with, but when their products aren't reporting c'thia, then ... eee.

Tonight at writers group featured a New Crazy Lady. She came in carrying a book on boundaries, which was sign #1. We probably should have introduced ourselves around, but conversation got started before we really got around to that, so her first statement unto us was "Can we talk about something that's interesting?" or words to that effect. Seems that computers do not count as 'interesting'. Never mind that a good five out of the eight people at the table at that point were serious computer people, two use computers regularly, and the eighth was her, the n00b.

This resulted in a dialog/monologue/debate/argument/shouting match between her and rhea_windrider. I was at the other end of the table, and therefore missed most of it, but eventually I called the group to order. M gave the order for the Door to be Shut.

The new woman wanted to know why the door had to be shut; couldn't we leave it open? No, because we are too loud. Couldn't we be quieter? That just doesn't happen with this group. M added something to the effect that if she didn't like the idea of the door being shut, perhaps she should leave. And she did. The door did not hit her ass on the way out.

She spoke to the desk ladies about Not Being Made To Feel Welcome, and Being Disappointed. I spoke to them a little later about Her Being Straight Crazy And Making Demands of the Group.

So, yeah.

Other than that, group was good. Finished writing down the mac & cheese incident. I've been going through the Shawn Stories, see. Dinner after involved a few Tarot readings; one legendary hilarious mis-reading was 'The Harlot', reversed. I now have the basis for an entire AU deck, though I'll have to build it from that piece on up. I know there's 'The Priest' in that deck as well.

Poor myrrhianna has back woes. She also has good drugs. It is bad when the good drugs wear off on a bad back.

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