Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

late night.

I was having Deep Thoughts in the shower, but as usual I didn't wind up saving too many of them. One of them was about sex. Aside from the obvious issue of my being actively engaged in courting a monogamous fellow, and therefore not wanting to screw up my chances with him for the sake of some good times with someone I wasn't courting, I ...

... it's horrible, but I have a little checklist in my head about potential sexual partners, and one of the crucial items on it is 'would not interfere with blood donation'. I'd have to think long and hard about getting it on with someone who would defer me for a year from giving blood or plasma. I had a hard enough time accepting that major dental work like my wisdom teeth going bye-bye was going to knock me out of eligibility for a month. I'm O+. I do this. I do this because I can and because it's right for me to do so. I would not knock myself out of eligibility lightly, and that includes doing so for a night's fun.

There is a cat on my bed. Hermione-cat has warmed up to me, but not to Ecchi-chan so much. I am random. I should sleep.

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