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FOIP, and things more serious.

11:45 AM 4/20/2007
WTF, McCain. Come break time, my outraged constituent mouth is going to be on the phone to your office. There are funnies that are funny. There are funnies that are not funny. Yours was a ha-ha-only-serious that leaves me wondering if national security wouldn't be better served by throwing you in a large, deep hole without communications facilities. You could hang out with the Shrubbery and Dick, who belong there as well.

You're a presidential candidate. Everything I say about watching your mouth in public if you're a prominent internet figure goes double for world leaders and potential world leaders. Thanks for letting us know what you really think, so I can vote against you in all upcoming elections.

12:29 PM 4/20/2007
rebelsheart pointed me at the Wikipedia entry on LJ this morning. One of my unstated life ambitions was to be a primary source in a scholarly work of some sort. I have no idea how long that's been there, but even if it disappears fifteen minutes from now, I will have had my fifteen minutes of having been a cited source.

2:00 PM 4/20/2007
*facepalm* Dear self, news is not efw, and it is probably bad to play there with beckyzoole as if it were. (Still and all.) (And I'm far too used to writing oo as 00, which could have been bad.)

My dizzytired is starting to go away. Yay dizzytired going away. Soon with the lunch. Doing manual update of thing, because that's the sure way to get it done within a time limit. Dammit.

Oh, breaking_nano probably just broke again. (breaking_nano is the canonical RSS feed that breaks on a regular basis and floods the friends page with old posts.)

I'm resisting the addition of 'flist' to my vocabulary. I'm attempting to not refer to it that way in writing, even if I do refer to it that way in my head. Referring to things that way in your head can be a bad thing.

Pink Shirt Guy did have a heart attack. There was a vein-clog, which was chemically dissolved. He's now going to be under observation and resting for a while, and plans to return to work next week if all goes well.

2:43 PM 4/20/2007
Insanity. This is going to be the sort of week where I'm glad it's over.

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