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Swords & Sorcery

Called Darkside. Talked for an hour. He was apologetic for not having picked up the phone when I'd called yesterday; seems the phone he was nearest to at the time had no charge, and he wasn't sure where the other one had gone to. (It turned out to have been in his room, on the charging stand, where he usually keeps it.) Asked him what he was up to this weekend. He said nothing much, and added that if I were to wish to come over, he would not object. I indicated sly acceptance of the backhanded invitation, and prepared to depart, though not before cracking some jokes with him about not-safe-for-work modes of entertainment, and making sure all of same were put away before my arrival. I like that I get to make these jokes with him on occasion.

Upon my arrival, we went out into the back yard. Darkside is wise, and takes off all breakable items on his person while sparring with me. This includes his glasses. I followed suit, and we had a rousing few rounds of half-blind swordbattery. I won quite a few, and wound up swapping out weapons with him. He started winning more after that. We experimented with some maneuvers both cunning and dumb. He is unwise to engage my blade, because I will lock it for him, and then twist around and tag him.

That got put to an early end when I twisted my ankle. It was not severe enough to require ice, just enough to make me note that I had better not do anything stupid to it within the next several days. I picked the gravel out of my hands and we went inside for some Witch Hunter Robin.

You can tell how intense the plot has gotten by whether or not my hand is wrapped around his arm, and whether or not there are claws leaving dents in his arm. This time, I declined the Mythbusters in favor of more anime. Scary!

hcolleen sent a text message requesting caffeine and gummy worms. The resulting exchange of text messages had Darkside grumbling. Evidently he does not like our quiet time being interrupted. Good to know. He was less annoyed when Dawn called, however. I tossed the phone over to him, and they chatted for a while. There are things going on in ralmathon's life that need discussion around the rest of the old social group, and they came up. Darkside pulled his game out for a while when I wrapped up with Dawn. I had a low battery by that point, so I switched the phone off (in case I had to use the last dregs of charge on the way home) and we were bothered no more. (He pointed out that I should charge the thing more often. I pointed out that I'd been on the phone for an hour directly prior to my coming there. He conceded the point.)

Darkside claims not to be a good pillow: not enough padding. I would beg to differ on the quality of pillow offered by his arm, but then, I'm not his arm, I'm just the one trying to find a cozy place to watch anime. (He has muscle, not just bone.) It is also his bed, so he may wear his sneakers in it if he so wishes. The contrast is better for reading the subtitles with the main light off, a point upon which I agree with him. I am prohibited from screaming out assorted brand names, especially when the window is open and his parents are in the living room.

A good time was had by all, and the only placed product this time was a 2-liter bottle of Bepsi.

I'm hoping this can become a regular feature of our weekends. I do so like having a best friend.

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