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TV invasion from h3LL

the channel 3 tv crew was here at DeVry to say hello to the engineering students and their nifty projects. 3 happens to be the absolute worst station in town, not excepting the Fanatical Christian Stations. At least *they* have half-decent journalism. Hell, even MTV's Kid of the Week has better broadcasting manners than Channel 3.

So my best friend and I decided to go check out the havoc. Unfortunately, this morning I'd decided to bring to school with me breakfast, in the form of a baggie of carrots and a glass bottle that I'd filled from the Great Big Bottle of Mountain Dew in the fridge at home.

Guess what happened.

So I spent ten minutes in the womens' room pulling stuff out of my backpack and washing it and tossing the stuff that was too thrashed to do anything else with. My math book fit into the category "too thrashed to do anything else with" but as I need it for the final, I'm keeping it.

This is the last "normal" week of school before finals. I'm suddenly scared.
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