Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
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11:27 AM 4/23/2007
Any day when I'm so scrambled as I'm heading out the door that I forget my purse is
not such a coherent day.

12:31 PM 4/23/2007
On my "Classic Years" playlist (I don't have one yet, but I need one) there will be
"1979", "1985", and "Stuck in the 90s". I get "1985" and "Stuck in the 90s" mashed
up in my head, which is a scary combination.

1:53 PM 4/23/2007
Data entry is not my friend. Happy headphones are my friend. Yay.

2:03 PM 4/23/2007
I'm at work where I shouldn't (and won't) log in to LJ, but I can assure everyone
who is curious, that the chicken breed Buff Orpington are verily Kirk-shirt gold,
and are very pretty in the sunlight, especially the roosters with their glossy
feathers. I imagine the hens might be a little less glossy, but the photo that I
think we both were thinking of there featured a hen in poor lighting in a dust bath,
and those are not ideal conditions for her showing off her plumage, as she'd have
had dirt on her, and be showing off the puffy lighter bottoms of her feathers
because she was so ruffled-up.

And a whole flock of red hens would be boring, but a single red hen for color might
be interesting. Rhode Island Reds have some black in their tailfeathers, can be very
friendly, and are reliable layers and solid members of the flock. In the absence of
roosters, one wants a solid hen with leadership skills to keep the flock together.
Reds are very good at leadership.

2:38 PM 4/23/2007
The phrase "OTP" is used at work. In this case, it's "Other $TYPE Products", but it
trips my fandom-sensor when I see it. I wonder if someone did that on purpose.

2:46 PM 4/23/2007
My general attitude of good cheer has been restored.

2:58 PM 4/23/2007
boojum reviews
Windows Vista
: "Vista was delayed because it just plain takes time to combine
that much ugliness with that much unhelpfulness."

3:31 PM 4/23/2007
I'm cheerful enough, just tired. Data entry for the lose. I've already had my lunch,
so I can't procrastinate with that.

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