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Why do people have this thing against Mondays? It's the *Tuesdays* that'll kill ya.

11:18 AM 4/24/2007
Happy Birthday, V! ♥

Pandora has pointed me at Cause & Effect, who sound a lot like Beborn Beton, Depeche Mode, the Pet Shop Boys, and that era of male-lead synthpop bands. I love that era.

11:39 AM 4/24/2007
Oh wtf. Dayshift has done something very scary with my hours, and I don't know how to make head or tail of it. I'm thinking that they went and did almost exactly opposite of what I was trying to accomplish with the change, rather than exactly opposite or exactly right.

I wanted them to track the hours of all timesheet people separately from all non-timesheet people. They seem to have tracked all supervisor vs. non-supervisor (some non-supervisors do a timesheet) and tracked assorted things negative or positive depending on whatever thing their little minds were thinking of at the time. WHAT. just... ow?

And the supervisor isn't around right now so I can't go ask wtf. Maybe she's back?


(Incidentally, the Blonder Half manages to violate a lot of my personal pet peeves, and *gets away with it* because he's him and no one else. He violates my language and spelling standards. He violates my non-homophobia standards. He violates my brain integrity. :-P There are serious cultural offsets. But somehow he manages to consistently make my top best friend spot.)

11:52 AM 4/24/2007
She was there. I guessed it right. Fortunately there were no non-timesheet people in there to mess with things. I'm'a go to the Company Meeting now, because that's got to have more with the sane than some of this other weird stuff.

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