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10:23 AM 4/26/2007
The guy who was cutting his nails all over the area is no longer with us.

Suggested Dirty Pair and Hellsing to the blonder half for review for shared anime night.

10:40 AM 4/26/2007
Speaking of the phrase "the blonder half" to refer to my best friend -- we're not a couple. Really. Despite being treated like one by mutual friends, and occasionally acting a little like one, we're not actually a couple. It would be inappropriate for me to refer to him as "my better half". His role in my life is a little more than my best-friend role usually covers, and "best friend" doesn't quite describe my attitude towards him. I am complete in myself, and he is complete in himself, and together we are a somewhat scary gestalt that resents outside interference. Socially, I try and organize based on the gestalt rather than on my own; there's space for him in most of my plans unless there isn't any, and I do try and let him know if I'm going to be out of contact for any specific length of time. He's gotten a lot better about letting me know the same.

I'm half of this. He's half of this. Neither of us is better or worse than the other. And if you go by what he says, neither of us is blond, either. Of course, I met him when he had hair down to his shoulders, and it certainly looked blond. It was the same color as Mama's, and Mama's hair is blond. Neither of us will argue, though, that on the scale from not-blond to blond, he is blonder than I am. Thus, "the blonder half", with the "of whatever this is that we're in together" going unspoken.

11:41 AM 4/26/2007 --
poodles. Or not.

I think I have the data entry done. Now I get to look at it to see whether it is all done. There are some things in there that are a little scary, but the bulk of the data entry is done. Thankfully!

12:04 PM 4/26/2007
Do databases go better with rum or tequila? Or something completely different? Please state your drink of choice for working with databases with as much explanation as you care to give.

Right now I'm having hot tea. Hot tea is love with databases, and much less dangerous than coffee. (Pink Shirt Guy was a six-cup-a-day sort of guy prior to the heart attack.)

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