Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


11:08 AM 4/27/2007

12:14 PM 4/27/2007
Paperwork's out; I get to work with K-Bone on the fun database stuff next. (Or, as
Darkside would say whenever I work on the DB, "debase myself".)

Trimmed maybe two inches at the longest points off the bottom of my hair. It really
needed it. I'm back to barely bra strap length, but it feels so much better, and it
gets longer every time.

3:40 PM 4/27/2007
The one thing is DONE. Thank goodness. Monday I should start hacking out getting the
phone-goon-facing items into presentable state, but the core is there and workable.
Actually, if I take the thing that faces Management and transfer over the applicable
things... hey, that could work.

But that's not a today-thing. Today is for catching up on the things I've let slide
while I was going headlong into this.

5:03 PM 4/27/2007
"what's her bucket"? (Phrase from a meeting, a phrase that came out wrong.)

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