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A BABY! Also, morning and evening link collection.

A BABY! idonotlikepeas and girlgonemad are parents once again! Rowan did not want to wait to go to the hospital, and was born at home. Details.

PSA -- if your style does not like embedding, append ?format=light to the entry your embedding is in, and you should be able to see it. (If you secretly, or not-so-secretly, hate your friend's S2 style because the tiny text on a dark background breaks your eyes, they have eye-watering graphics, or it doesn't allow your happy script that unfolds comments -- this works to fix that too.)

Fungus involved in Colony Collapse Disorder?

The cat is avoiding me right now [this morning; this evening she's not]. She was starving because she could see the bottom of her food dish, and thus was yowling at me, so when I went to refill her dish, of course she followed in front. Then she ran crazily out of the bathroom and smacked headfirst very hard into my leg (she was moving fast at me, I was moving slow trying to avoid her) and is now treating as if I was the one to smack into her that hard.



techsupport has been having a run of porn stories lately. Winner so far: Porn found on laptop, user deleted.

Clearly, the teenage boy has a girlfriend, because there are beefcake mags in his room.

Censorship, applied properly.

Yeah, 'sociopath' is as good a name as any for the sort of person who will issue death threats for the amusement of watching the fear.

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