Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

It didn't get bad until paperwork attacked.

12:27 PM 4/30/2007
Oh h4x. I get to do some stuff over again. Fortunately, the infrastructure is
already mostly in place.

I wonder if there's a hack for rounding things off. It seems like there should be

Also, I'm getting bored with my style. Again.

12:53 PM 4/30/2007
I just sent a link to note_to_cat to the lead monitor, because I thought
she'd enjoy it. Hello pimpin' my stuff at work! :D

I got a bottle of the conditioner that pyrogenic used to use; I used
some on my hair last night. The scent makes me smile.

1:11 PM 4/30/2007
I am the awesome, and am getting ahead on paperworks. I am less watching the music
videos than I am listening to them. I was a year off on one of the videos (Enjoy the
Silence). The New Romantic sound still says 80s to me, no matter that the song was

1:28 PM 4/30/2007
Today is National Honesty Day. I know there are a lot of things I'm not quite
straight with myself on, and that makes me feel bad. I guess the first part of it is
telling the truth to myself on things, even if I may not ever admit it in public.
There are a few things like that going on right now, and ... probably no one but me
knows what they are.

2:42 PM 4/30/2007 -- recipe. Recipe is safe for
work. Name of recipe, not so much so.

3:31 PM 4/30/2007
No, I would not be a dear and do that. I do mind. Well, you asked. You're
responsible for signing out your own timesheets, you daft creatures.

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